Make sure students wear the correct attire to each and every class. They will not be allowed to participate while wearing incorrect clothing. Dance attire is not regular, every-day attire. NO T-SHIRTS WILL BE ALLOWED.

  • Classical Ballet – Pink tights, ADA black ballet leotard, and pink ballet shoes.
  • Tumbling – ADA tumbling leotard and black biker shorts, no shoes. (DO NOT WEAR TIGHTS.)
  • Hip Hop – Sweatpants, bra tops, leotards, biker shorts, tennis shoes etc. may all be worn.
  • Technique & Contemporary – Black ADA leotard, pink convertible tights for Technique only, and black shorts with assigned shoes (gore boots, turners, or bare foot).
  • Jazz/Tap or Ballet/Tap – Any leotards, shorts, and certain assigned shoes:
    • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced: black slip-on taps and tan jazz shoes.
    • Preschool Ballet/Tap: pink ballet shoes and black tie-up tap shoes.