Aimee Mulkey

Aimee Weber Mulkey is the owner and director of Aimee’s Dance Academy. She has 35 years of dance training and studied the art of dance  for 16 of those years. Throughout the years Aimee has been able to teach and perform in studios all across the Nation from Las Vegas all the way down to Florida. She’s had the privilege to share her love and knowledge of dance with dancers and studio owners across the Nation. 

All of these amazing opportunities led her back to Laplace where she opened her dream studio in 2006, where she can share her love and passion with her students. With 17 exceptional years of owning and running her studio, Aimee strives to always find new exciting things to bring to ADA. Currently, Aimee is a member of Louisiana Dance Alliance, Dance Teachers United, PBT Certified and last year we became an ADCC Studio of Excellence. Just as the students further their dance education, Aimee is always looking to further hers.  She has truly conquered it all. Continuing to operate her studio throughout a pandemic was not an easy task, but she handled it with grace and as best as she could. In 2020, she hosted her first ever “Virtual” recital, while it wasn’t an ideal situation, she always makes the best out of every situation given. Those who know Aimee, know she will always, “make it work.”

 After Hurricane Ida devastated the River Parish communities, and the studio took a huge hit, Aimee wasted no time to get everything back to normal for her students. She and her staff hosted a donation drive to provide dance wear, dance shoes, and athletic attire for surrounding families in need. Aimee is known for her generosity throughout Laplace and her continuous effort to always give back. You can find Aimee volunteering her time at St. Joan of Arc Catholic School during their annual Carnival Ball and Octoberfest celebrations. She is a lover of all holidays and always goes the extra mile to provide her students with some extra holiday cheer. 

As an addition to being a dance studio, Aimee is the founder of  ADA’s first Competition team years ago and since then has expanded to not only dance, but ADA’s very own cheer/tumble program.  ADA is one of the only studios in the River Parish area with both dance and cheer competitive teams. While Aimee wears many hats, her most prized hat would be called Mom. When Aimee is not at the studio, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Ainsley.