Dance Department

Twinkle Toes – This 30 minute class for our youngest dancers introduces the fundamentals of dance, including rhythm, coordination & creative movement. These darling dancers will also learn the basics of ballet & tap disciplines, including terminology, positions, simple combinations, and classroom etiquette.

Mini Star Prep – This 45 minute combo ballet & tap class will focus on building the fundamentals of both ballet and tap dance. They will build upon prior knowledge with terminology, ballet positions, and combinations.

Tap & Jazz – Dancers will learn basic jazz technique, body isolations & musicality in this 1 hour class, while improving strength, flexibility & balance. They will also build upon prior tap instruction, moving onto harder steps that incorporate more intricate rhythms.

Jazz Leaps & Turns – This 1 hour class is centered on foundational technique of jazz turns, leaps, and jumps. Dancers will begin with a warm up to develop proper muscle engagement, flexibility, and body alignment, followed by center technique exercises and across the floor progressions incorporating quick footwork & direction changes. No recital performance.

Hip-Hop/ Contemporary – Dancers will develop movement quality, musicality, and expressive personal style in this 1 hour hybrid class, fusing together contemporary & hip hop dance styles. Class begins with a dynamic warmup, followed by improvisation & phrasing exercises designed to explore new pathways of movement and introduce techniques applicable to both styles, including body isolations, popping/locking, contract/release, fall/recovery & tilts/spirals.

Tiny Ballerinas – A 45 minute pre-ballet class focusing on basic positions, posture, fully articulating the legs & feet, engaging turn-out, and the importance of weight transfer. Dancers also build upon concepts previously introduced, such as classroom etiquette, locomotor movements (marching, skipping, leaping, etc.) and flexibility.

Ballet 1 & 2 – This 1 hour class is designed to thoroughly educate young dancers on the foundations of classical ballet techniques (Cecchetti & Vaganova), including turnout, port de bras, balance, body alignment & posture. Dancers will discover the relationship between barre and center through exercises incorporating more intricate footwork & patterns. Basics of pirouettes & petit allegro will also be introduced.

Gym and Cheer Department

Tumbling Tots – Your toddler will enjoy this exciting 30 minute class of learning through movement, including circle time, balancing, and tumbling. They will be introduced to concepts such as classroom etiquette while developing foundational motor & social skills.

Tiny Tumblers – This 45 minute class introduces basic level tumbling. Students will stretch and work on foundational skills such as bridges, forward rolls and cartwheel prep.

Tumbling Beginner, Levels 1,2, 3 – This class will cover the beginning foundation of tumbling. They will gear their focus on the basic skills needed for forward rolls, cartwheels, etc, and building strength needed to prepare for other skills.

Mini Cheer Prep – This 45 minute class introduces students to basic level cheerleading. Students work on beginner cheer jumps, tumbling, motions, and stunts. Cheers, chants & dances are fun, simplistic and age appropriate.

Cheer Fundamentals – This 1 hour class is for students interested in trying out for a middle school or high school cheer team in the future. Pom motions, jump technique, cheer combos & choreography will be covered.