Welcome to Aimee’s Dance Academy!

This handbook will serve as your guide to Aimee’s Dance Academy and its philosophy of dance, tumble, and cheer education.

We take our roles as mentors and teachers in your child’s life very seriously. It is our objective to inspire a passion for the art of dance, tumble, and cheer in every child who passes through our doors. In the process, we strive to set the right example and help your child (and you) create memories that will last a lifetime.


Aimee’s Dance Academy is committed to providing high-quality dance, tumble, and cheer classes to enhance the overall development of the child. We provide a safe and child-centered environment to encourage our students to explore dance with qualified, nurturing teachers.

We believe that this training encourages young people to develop a positive self-image as they increase awareness of their physical being. Along with improving coordination skills and developing muscular awareness, these classes will give children the freedom to express themselves through movement.

The highest educational standards are expected from all Aimee’s Dance Academy faculty members. They are lifelong learners who continue to educate themselves through certification programs, teacher-training schools, conferences, and other learning opportunities.

For Our Athletes

The first step to becoming a successful athlete is making a solid commitment to your classes. Strong technique is a key Ingredient and class is where you develop that technique. Come to each class prepared to learn and without personal distractions. Class time is your chance to focus on yourself, so try to leave your concerns or worries at the studio door. True progress is made when you look at each class as an opportunity to become better at what you love to do. Perform full-out, stretch a little further, become more aware of your technique, and make the most of every class.

  • Arrival Time:
    Students should not arrive at the studio more than ten to fifteen minutes early and should leave the studio within ten minutes of dismissal. The studio is not a place for “hanging out.”  The studio will only open 10 minutes before the first class starts.
  • Tardiness:
    For safety reasons, students arriving more than ten minutes late to class will only be permitted to observe class and not participate.
  • Attendance:
    In order to keep our tuition payments and classes accurate please make sure your child attends their class each week. After a student has three unexcused absences the student will be removed from the class. Parents will also be asked to re-register their child. Class attendance is very important to learn the fundamentals, routines, and structure of each class.

Dress Code

Make sure students wear the correct attire to each and every class. They will not be allowed to participate while wearing incorrect clothing. Practice attire is not regular, every-day attire. NO T-SHIRTS WILL BE ALLOWED. Please have all hair pulled back, away from the face. Bun must be worn for classical ballet.

  1. Classical Ballet – Hair in bun, Pink tights, ADA black ballet leotard, and pink ballet shoes.
  2. Tumbling – ADA tumbling leotard and ADA black biker shorts, no shoes. (DO NOT WEAR TIGHTS.)
  3. Hip Hop/Contemporary –Black ADA leotard with black shorts. (tan turners for contemporary, sneakers for hip-hop)
  4. Jazz leaps & turns – Black ADA leotard and ADA black shorts with assigned shoes (gore boots, turners, or bare foot).
  5. Jazz/Tap – Black ADA leotard with ADA black shorts with assigned shoes (tan gore boots, tan slip on tap shoes).
  6. Mini Stars Prep- Black ADA skirted leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and tan tap shoes.
  7. Twinkle Toes– Pink ADA skirted leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and tan tap shoes
  8. Cheer Prep– ADA cheer top, shorts, cheer bow, and Ace II Omni Cheer shoe.


Private Lessons are always available at ADA. Each teacher will be able to schedule their private lessons according to their personal agenda.

The fee for privates must be paid when scheduling the private in order to reserve your spot on our calendar. Click here to see open times/dates in order to schedule.

Private prices are as follows: 

  • 30 minute private- $45
  • 60 minute private- $60


Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. On the 2nd, a $25 late fee will be added. If you have not paid by the 15th, your card will be charged. If the studio is closed due to a holiday, weekend, etc. payments must be still received through the parent portal.  Tuition is based on 10 installments. All students are required to pay tuition August thru May. All classes and tuition will end after the recital in May. 

We also offer discount tuition. The more classes you take, the better the discount!

  • 1st class- $50
  • 2nd class- $40
  • 3rd class- $30

Recital Fee

The studio charges a recital fee of $150 per student in order to cover the cost of the venue, music, recital t-shirts and end of the year trophies. This will be charged to every student whether they choose to participate or not because each child will still receive a recital t-shirt and their end of the year trophy.


We spend many hours determining the correct costumes for each class. They are always age appropriate and of the highest quality possible. Two year old students will need one costume; all other students will need one costume per routine. Costumes do not include shoes or tights. 

First recital costume deposit is due on October 15th and final deposit is due November 15th. Costumes are ordered during Thanksgiving break, and will not be ordered until payment is received in full. If not paid in full by November 15th, your child’s costume will not be ordered.

Annual Recital

Every year we hold an annual recital in the month of May. This year our recital will be May 13th at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner. 

During the recital, we reserve the front row for our parents of the performers in that number to sit and have a front row seat!

Our Refund Policy

No refund will be issued for any classes or payments.  No refunds will be issued for any merchandise purchased unless the product was damaged prior to the purchase.  A credit may be granted depending on the circumstances, but it is not guaranteed.